C.S. Lewis on: Feelings of love


C.S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity:

Nobody can always have devout feelings: and even if we could, feelings are not what God principally cares about. Christian Love, either towards God or towards man, is an affair of the will. If we are trying to do His will, [then] we are obeying the commandment, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God.’ …We cannot create [feelings of love] ourselves, and we must not demand them as a right. But the great thing to remember is that, though our feelings come and go, His love for us does not. It is not wearied by our sins, or our indifference; and, therefore, it is quite relentless in its determination that we shall be cured of those sins, at whatever cost to us, at whatever cost to Him.

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C.S. Lewis on: Praise as complement

Applause! Praising what we love.

And no, I didn’t misspell “compliment.” I love this insight from C.S. Lewis, who proposes (accurately, I think) that praise is really the natural completion of enjoyment:

C.S. Lewis, from Reflections on the Psalms ―

But the most obvious fact about praise — whether of God or anything — strangely escaped me. I thought of it in terms of compliment, approval, or the giving of honor. I had never noticed that all enjoyment spontaneously overflows into praise. … The world rings with praise — lovers praising their mistresses, readers their favorite poet, walkers praising the countryside, players praising their favorite game. … I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation. It is not out of compliment that lovers keep on telling one another how beautiful they are; the delight is incomplete till it is expressed. It is frustrating to have discovered a new author and not to be able to tell anyone how good he is; … to hear a good joke and find no one to share it with. . . . The Scotch catechism says that man’s chief end is ‘to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.’ But we shall then know that these are the same thing. Fully to enjoy is to glorify. In commanding us to glorify Him, God is inviting us to enjoy Him.”


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The must-have ingredient for a healthy marriage


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Justin Davis:

When grace is missing from a marriage, three words dominate that relationship:

You. Owe. Me.

A lack of grace will cause a husband to be furious with his wife for going to a different gas station than he went to [making him late for a meeting]. A lack of grace will cause a wife to notice all that her husband does wrong and not see all he does right….

If you want to see change and improvement in your marriage, take a few minutes this week to think about how messed up and imperfect you are — and how God loves you anyway. That is grace….

Grace is the starting point from which all change is made.


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