I wish I had more luggage…


Jurino, minimalist blogger:

Picture yourself as a traveler. Just imagine you’re going on holiday [vacation]. You’re at the airport and notice the other people that are about to board the same plane as you. Now, take a look at their luggage. There’s a backpacker, a gentleman carrying a laptop-bag and there’s a guy hauling the biggest suitcase you’ve ever seen…. Are you envious of one of them? I’d dare to say you wouldn’t like to be in the last guy’s shoes. Who would want to carry the burden of a 60 pound suitcase around for his entire holiday? …While most of us would agree that taking a heavy suitcase with you on holiday isn’t an ideal situation, it’s exactly what we do in real life.

We hunt after more, more and even more material possessions, which we carry around with us for our entire, 80-year holiday. And then… they are rendered useless after all. To top it all off, we’re often jealous of the person who has an even bigger burden to carry. We want just as much stuff as the Joneses, and just a little bit more!

The full post: The #1 reason for Christian minimalism.


Photo courtesy of Sundazed via Flickr.


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