Get it straight.

In her recent viral post, Marie of A Miniature Clay Pot said:

God is always good.

Man is not.

Don’t get the two confused.


Simple to say. Not so simple to understand. But still true.

A sure route to frustration and disappointment is this: expecting people to love us like God does (never failing, full of mercy), and expecting God to treat us like people do (getting mad and/or giving up on us when we do stupid stuff or make mistakes).

When you let God be God, then you can let people be people.

I don’t know who said that originally. (Do you?) There’s a lot of wisdom in it. Our pastor, Steve Weldon, has a more colloquial way of saying sort of the same thing:

If it ain’t Jesus, sooner or later it’s gonna let you down.

True dat. True.



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