Do first; then teach.

sketch by Rembrandt

Doug Greenwold:

If every word in Scripture is inspired, then it necessarily follows that the sequence of those words… are likewise inspired….

When Luke reflects back on his Gospel, his opening summary statement in Acts 1:1 begins by referencing all that Jesus “began to do and teach.” He did not [say] “teach and do.” Luke’s sequencing gives us an often overlooked insight into the genius of Jesus’ manner of making disciples: If you want to effectively and efficiently change a person’s paradigms – their ways of looking at and understanding things – give priority to creating experiences that foster behavioral change. By doing that, attitudinal change will follow.

Conversely, it may not be wise to rest the bulk of disciplemaking… on a lot of front-end teaching…. In general, people [in our culture] have been adequately taught. It’s the experiential reality they are missing.

As Luke records… Jesus put his initial focus on fostering Behavioral change in the Twelve, knowing that Attitudinal change would follow later. In the beginning, Jesus chose not to preach intensively on “love thy neighbor.” Rather, He had them come along with Him as He lived out loving and rescuing people…. In the process of exposing the Twelve to these unwanted and unsettling encounters, Jesus also started to redefine for them who their neighbor is and what it means to be neighborly. It was not so much a classroom experience as it was an onsite internship in the reality of the human condition and how the Kingdom of God transforms it.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Making Disciples Jesus’ Way by Doug Greenwold.

Download Chap. 5 from ‘Making Disciples’

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