The real battle; the real healing


Life makes so much more sense when we comprehend what the real battle is, and what our truest need for healing is.

Larry Crabb, Connecting:

God will one day wage war against every reason for tears, and He will win. But for now He is fighting a different battle… Until we go home, we can count on God to lead us into a battle against soul disease. That’s the war He is waging today….

When He chooses, God can as easily reverse cancer as fix necks. But He gives us no reason to count on Him to do so. To pray for physical healing with confidence is really presumptuous. It reflects an arrogant demand more than humble faith. We can ask Him to cure our bodies with confidence that He can, but we can ask Him to heal our souls with confidence that He will.”

Image: art by Banksy, photo by Jason Blait, via Flickr


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