Ways to display quotes, photos, etc: magnet boards

Previously, I posted a collection of memo boards or dry-erase boards for displaying favorite quotes, to-do lists, etc. Today, I’m sharing some magnetic solutions. This allows you to also post photos, sketches, cards, or — for those of us (myself included) with sloppy handwriting — a lovely quote that someone else has printed.



The scrap-paper-in-a-frame concept revisited, but with fabric backed by sheet metal, enabling it to hold magnets. These are from Etsy seller Shugabee Lane.


metal and wood memo board

Here’s one made with metal and stained wood, that would be at home in a rustic or industrial/loft setting. Sold by The Cottage Collective.


cookie sheet magnet board

Want a super simple DIY? Spray paint a cookie sheet and call it good! (This one is from Mrs. Happy Homemaker.)


upcycled platter magnet board

Want more fancyness? Add a few brushstrokes in a contrasting color. Or a layer of scrapbook, wrapping, or wall paper. Image from sparklecandace on Flickr.

Anything that’s already magnetic can be an instant memo board. Here’s a tip: when you’re shopping for something to use for this project, carry a magnet with you to test any pieces you’re considering.


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