The must-have ingredient for a healthy marriage


Graphic by Dear Lillie

Justin Davis:

When grace is missing from a marriage, three words dominate that relationship:

You. Owe. Me.

A lack of grace will cause a husband to be furious with his wife for going to a different gas station than he went to [making him late for a meeting]. A lack of grace will cause a wife to notice all that her husband does wrong and not see all he does right….

If you want to see change and improvement in your marriage, take a few minutes this week to think about how messed up and imperfect you are — and how God loves you anyway. That is grace….

Grace is the starting point from which all change is made.


– See the original post: One Thing That Changes Every Marriage.

– Graphic by Dear Lillie; cropped from the original. Original available for download at the Dear Lillie Shop.


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