When you’re forced to be simple


Paul Graham:

When you’re forced to be simple, you’re forced to face the real problem. When you can’t deliver ornament, you have to deliver substance.


Cheap, easy-peasy yarn bowl idea from PocketPause.


An interior decorator’s advice on living simply

a personal tablescape

Cara Hines, interior decorator, via Apartment Therapy:

Best Advice:

1) Choose your things wisely based on criteria and qualities that align with you. For me, I do not bring anything into my space without first carefully evaluating whether or not it is truly functional, meaningful, or inspirational to me. If not, I let it go….

2) Don’t choose furniture, art, or other material things based on what you think others will think of them.

3) Your things are not worth what you pay for them, they’re worth the value they bring to your life.

Shoes won’t do you no good in heaven!

shoes, left behind

“We’ll stand before Jesus once, and none of our luxuries will accompany us.” – Jan Hatmaker


Explore Jen’s book on Amazon. I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard a couple friends talk about it, and I’m intrigued.


Comfortable, safe, happy.

We spend our thoughts, time and money trying  to make this life  comfortable,  safe, happy.  Maybe we are spending all  of this on the wrong things. - JENNIE ALLEN, STUCK

 photo credit: Stewf via photopin cc