How to cure your fear of failure

How to overcome your fear of failure

Trent Nelson:

The fear of failure is nothing more than an irrational panic over the… unknown variables that [you] equate to impending doom. …And disappears completely when you focus on reasonable outcomes.

“When you find yourself distracted by impending failures, it almost always means you have a distorted view of yourself, and what role you play in your own business….

“Falling flat on your face is an essential a part of the job, and without it you’re bound to stunt your growth. …By rejecting the notion that you could-possibly fu– up, you’re restricting your access to one of the most sought-after resources on the planet: Hindsight….

“The best way to overcome failure is to see it for what it really is: A necessary speedbump on the way to success.”


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Struggle and failure: necessary before hope


A few quotes from another excellent talk by Brene Brown (who I’ve quoted before):

Hope is not a way of feeling. Hope is a way of thinking. …And it’s 100% teachable.

The people who have the highest levels of hope have the most experience of failure.

One of the things that’s happened in our culture is we are not letting our children have any experiences of failure. No experiences of “hard work > failure > more hard work > success.”


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To remember during “failure”

This is a quote that burned itself into my mind many years ago. I’ve lost the source or author. (If you know it, let me know, please!) It brings a perspective that’s incredibly helpful to remember when you’re feeling that all is lost:

Feelings of failure are based on the assumption that now is the only time that counts.